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How we sent an OC from Sweden to Rajgarh

Distance doesn’t matter when hearts are united to fight a common cause – COVID!
Last Thursday, one of our fellow volunteers received a request for an Oxygen concentrator from Rajgarh, a small tehsil in Rajasthan, India. The district hospital has a total of 7 oxygen beds – which is far too little in comparison to the caseloads.
The oxygen concentrator travelled 6000 km from Sweden – Delhi – Jaipur – Rajgarh, changing hands between strangers to finally reach the remote town of Rajgarh in just 4 days. We partnered with a local NGO “Help India” with the last mile connectivity from Jaipur – Rajgarh. For places like Rajgarh, simply arranging an oxygen cylinder refill requires traveling 600kms to Jaipur & back. This is the very first Oxygen concentrator in a town of 300K-400K people & we are hopeful this will bring some respite to the patients of Rajgarh.
The continuous support from all of you helped accomplish what at first seemed impossible.

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